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Galeria do Largo Dinner Menu

Lunch Menu available. Please contact the restaurant.


Variety of Bread, homemade Butter, marinated Olives and Olive Oil (per person)2,50€


Our Day’s Soup 4,00€
Our Traditional ‘Caldo Verde’ Green Broth Soup, typical ‘Bísaro’ Smoked Sausage and ‘Broa de Avintes’ Bread5,50€
Ossobuco Croquettes and Sardine Rissoles with Fresh Tomatoes Chutney9,00€
Burrata, Tomatoes, Vegetables, Basil and Herbs Pesto10,00€
Tuna Tataki, Avocado, Corn, Royal Quinoa, Radish and Cucumber Ice Cream11,00€
Classic Veal Tartar and Rustic Bread Toasts13,00€
Foie Gras Terrine, Brioche, Raspberry, Black Vodka Gel and Pears in Douro Muscatel14,00€


Menu for children up to 10 years old.

Vegetable Soup + Homemade Burguer with French Fries or Hake Fillets with Rice or Spaghetti Bolognese + Brownie or Fruit 11,00€
Homemade Burguer with French Fries or Hake Fillets with Rice or Spaghetti Bolognese9,50€


Roasted Salmon and Fennel, Fresh Cuttlefish Tagliatelle, Mushrooms and Herbs Sauce18,00€
Hake caught by Line and Hook, Herring Roe, Fregola with Shrimps in their Bisque18,00€
Cod, New Potatoes, Piquillo Peppers, Turnip Greens in Olive Oil and Garlic and Bread19,00€
Octopus, Pickled Onions, Rustic Potatoes with Herbs and Portuguese Collard Greens21,00€
Country Chicken with Game ‘Alheira’ (traditional Portuguese sausage with several non-smoked meats) and Carolino Rice (Portuguese variety) with Roasted Tomatoes17,00€
Iberian Pork Cheeks, Barley with Asparagus, Lime and Douro Wine Sauce18,00€
Small Loin of Iberian Pork, ‘Sopas Secas’ from Mirandela (traditional dish from the north, Mirandela, literally "dry soups", a recipe made with bread) and Country Vegetables19,00€
Confit Duck Thigh, Pea Flan, Chestnuts and Carrot and Orange Puree19,00€
Angus Veal, Colliflower, Eryngi Mushrooms, Vegetables and Truffled Sauce with Pepper20,00€
Gnocchi, Truffled Pepper Sauce, Sage and Cherry Tomatoes (vegetarian)16,00€
False "Cabidela" of Fregola and Mini Vegetables (vegetarian)17,00€


Sliced Fruit4,50€
White Chocolate Brûlée, Raspberry and Vanilla (Crème Brûlée, Several Textures of Raspberry)6,00€
Beetroot, Chestnuts and Citrus Fruits (Beetroot Fondant, Shiitake Powder, Chestnut Puree, Cocoa Crumble and Ice Cream of 3 Citrus Fruits)6,50€
62% São Tomé Chocolate (the exquisite " Islands Chocolate"), Strawberry and Caramel (Chocolate Tart, Cocoa Crumble and Sesame Seeds)6,50€
Carrots, Lime and Pineapple (Carrot Cake, Walnut Crumble, Pickled Raisins, Lime Curd and Pineapple Ice Cream) (Vegan and Gluten Free)7,00€
Board of Nacional Cheeses with homemade Jam and Toasts13,00€

VAT included

No food or beverage item, including the couvert, can be charged unless requested by the customer or if le untouched (nº3, article 135º, Law nº10/2015, 16th January). We welcome enqueries om customers who wish to know whether any dishes contain particular ingredients. Please inform us of any allergy or special dietary requirements that we should be made aware of, when preparing your menu request.